Testimonials – Happy Clients

Have seen many psychologists — would recommend holistic counselling

“I have suffered anxiety for many years since I was young and had heart palpitations.  I still suffered as an adult.  During my life I have seen many psychologists.  Recently I have suffered and struggled with anxiety and thought about trying a different approach, that being a holistic counsellor.  Since seeing Rose, I have found that my anxiety is under control and the exercises Rose has taken me through have helped me a great deal.  I would recommend holistic counselling, as I believe it has made a positive difference in my life

Kylie Hillcrest SA

Far more effective than the medication prescribed by my GP

“I first discovered Holistic Life Coaching during a very difficult time in my life due to an unexpected long term relationship breakdown. I went to my GP with insomnia and severe rashes up both forearms, which he informed me, were due to stress. Amongst medication prescriptions for anxiety he also suggested I see a counsellor. My research led me to Rose, and I’m so glad it did. I really didn’t know what to expect from the sessions and wasn’t sure it was going to be helpful, but was willing to try anything.

Rose taught me how to cope with the grief by expressing emotions, eliminating negative beliefs and meditating among other techniques. I was surprised at how effective the sessions were, and found them far more effective than the medication prescribed by my GP. I have now moved past my grief and feel confident and ready to take on new and exciting challenges in my life. Rose’s guidance throughout the entire process has been invaluable and I don’t believe I would be at this positive point in my life without her help.”

Amy, Wynn Vale SA

I haven’t suffered an anxiety attack since

“Hi Rose, I so appreciate all the help you have given me & I am continuing to pass on some of your helpful tools to family & friends. I used to be a very nervous person and worried about many things that I had no control over, after suffering a significant anxiety attack I realised my life needed to change, so I resorted to “Google” to scan the Natural Therapy pages.

I wasn’t sure who or what service I was looking for but I came across Rose and felt an instant connection. So with hesitation and curiosity, I scheduled an appointment. Long story short, this beautiful lady is amazing.  With kindness and compassion Rose sought out the relevant information to help my situation.

I completed one on one breath work sessions that I can honestly say have significantly improved my life. I didn’t realise I had harboured so many issues in my subconscious that were affecting my everyday life. The “letting go” of those issues gave the greatest relief, and then learning the tools to manage anything else was most beneficial.

I have attended a number of group meditation sessions guided by Rose and have found these to be extremely helpful with refocusing energy.

Rose is a very giving lady whom has helped me with any questions or queries I have put to her, even with my teenage daughter whom also suffers anxiety”. Thankyou Rose, I appreciate your help. By the way I haven’t suffered an anxiety attack since”!

“Love to you” Jane, Valley View

A valuable investment in our long term future

“Rose is great! Rose’s patience, unrushed and caring personality helped us navigate through the issues that had hindered our relationship over many years in a positive way. “Definitely a valuable investment in our long term future.”

Cheers Rob, Greenwith SA

Helped me climb out of the depression

“After watching my mother (although sixty, still young and vibrant) die with cancer within weeks of being diagnosed, I was at a point in my life of overwhelming sadness and confusion and I knew that I had to do something to help myself climb out of the depression into which I had sunk. I remembered a leaflet which I had picked up some months earlier and I found Rozalia’s Holistic Life Coaching information calling out to me, so I called and made an appointment.

Since commencing coaching with Rozalia I haven’t looked back. Rozalia has provided me with the tools and guidance to help me through this low point and I can now look forward to making the rest of my life all that I want it to be. With that knowledge I couldn’t be happier. Thank you so much Rozalia.”

Samantha S, Banksia Park SA

Enjoying my life again

“At a difficult time in my life I was fortunate to meet Rozalia Wator and discover her holistic life coaching techniques. With empathy and guidance Rose showed me how to cope with my problems and enjoy my life again. Thank you Rose.”

Jack M, Windsor Gardens SA

Helped me to process the grief

“I came to Rose at a time when I was feeling very lonely. She helped me to process the grief from the breakup of my relationship and together we uncovered things that I believe had been holding me back for years. I now feel like I have the strength to move on and am excited for my future.”

“Thanks again Rose”, Megan, Queenstown, SA

Gave me the tools to improve my self-confidence

“Rose from Holistic Life Coaching gave me the tools to improve my self – confidence and develop new ways of thinking. She helped me to make positive changes to my life. Thanks Rose.”

Alison B, Adelaide SA

Rose has been a very helpful during our recent marriage break-up

Resulting in an amicable and financially affordable outcome through a mediation process

“Rose has been a very helpful and positive part during the unpleasant experience of our recent marriage break-up. She was caring, respectful and understanding of both our points of view. It was important to have an independent and impartial shared counsellor to guide and reassure us through such a difficult time. Her experience, advice and calmness was largely responsible for resulting in an amicable and financially affordable outcome through a mediation process.”

“Thanks again Rose”

Craig Athelstone SA

“I can honestly say that ever since I found Rose, my entire life has changed for the better. I have transformed from a nervous and anxious girl who used to have daily panic attacks to a strong independent woman.”

“After spending most of my childhood and early adulthood seeing various counsellors to help with my severe anxiety, I have never discovered one that was able to completely change the way I look at life. Rose has given me strategies and tools that I can use for the rest of my life. I am so grateful I was able to see Rose at this stage in my life as I can now walk into my bright future in an awakened state. I have transformed from a nervous and anxious girl who used to have daily panic attacks, to a strong independent woman who is now aware of how my mind works and able to control any feelings of panic or fear that may arise in my day-to-day life. There are not enough words to thank Rose for all she has done for me. Not only has she shown me there is light at the end of the tunnel when I had lost all hope, she has shown me that there are no limits to the things I can achieve now that I have the ability to see myself in such a different light!”

“Thank you, Rose”

Sara, Northgate SA

I no longer have feelings of inadequacy about myself. I feel complete and whole as a person

“Hitting an all-time low after failed IVF cycles, miscarriages and making bad choices with guys I was involved with, I felt inadequate not only as a women but also as a person. I was making arrangements to see a psychologist when a close friend suggested I go and see Rose as an alternate option. I haven’t looked back since.
I no longer have feelings of inadequacy about myself, am able to identify what my needs are instead of pleasing others and running myself into the ground in the process. I have a positive outlook on life and let things take their own course instead of pushing myself to unnecessary limits, under constant pressure and always striving for perfection. I now live in the moment and although like everyone I still have bad days, I use the tools which Rose has shown me to move forward on such days without letting them consume me.  Both my social and  work life is now balanced allowing me to enjoy all aspects of my life and feel complete and whole as a person.”

Kylie, Gawler SA

I came away for the first time with a clear direction in my life

“About a year or so ago I was depressed and had no idea where I was heading, since attending one of Rozalia’s breath work sessions, I came away for the first time with a clear direction in my life (or was it redirection?!) I had made a decision with a goal and now I have reached that goal in part today. I would thoroughly recommend Rozalia as a life coach to anyone who needs to refocus and achieve their goals and dreams!”

David B, Clearview SA

Helped me eliminate my negative thoughts, along with fear

“When I contacted Rozalia from Holistic Life Coaching I was exhausted, lost and confused, but knew I needed and wanted to change my life. I was a business woman with a young child and another child on its way. I was fed up and wanted to change my thinking to positive. I was having anxiety attacks and spent a lot of time in the emergency department in various hospitals, just for them to tell me that there was nothing wrong with me. I had tried other ways but they didn’t really complement me and what I believe in.

Rozalia’s calming and positive nature helped me rediscover myself and eliminate my negative thoughts along with fears. I have made a very special friend who listens and understands and who is also human, sharing her own life experiences. She always helps you find a positive solution and provides you with ample information and research. She has taught me to believe in myself again and to trust the process of life. Being pregnant we have been limited in certain areas but have managed to make some great progress in such a short amount of time. People in my life really have seen a difference. I am almost at the end of my pregnancy and I am looking forward to taking my next journey with Rozalia from Holistic Life Coaching.”

Patricia D, Adelaide SA

I was amazed at what I discovered about myself

“I met Rozalia at a time in my life when things seemed mixed up and depressing. I found Rose to be an inspirational teacherand guide with the most compassionate and caring nature. From my first breathwork session I was amazed at what I discovered about myself and the thingsI didn’t realise that had had an impact on my life and my health.  Rose has given me a great start to a better life for myself and my family.  I would highly recommend anyone to Rose who just needs that bit of extra help and clarity with life.”

Amanda N, SA

I’ve turned my life around — today I’m a happy person

I met Rose during a significant low point in my relationship. I had severely broken my partners trust and the relationship was hanging by a thread. I could not believe what I done and how far I had let myself veer from my own personal moral compass.  After some very helpful relationship counselling appointments, I chose to continue to see Rose one on one as it became obvious to me that I had never truly dealt with a lot of underlying issues that have caused me to be diagnosed with depression in the past.

I take full responsibility for my actions, but with the benefit of hindsight, I am certain that my poor behaviour was a direct extension of the self-hatred and self-sabotaging mentality that I have been carrying with me since early adolescence.  I fought a long battle with all kinds of negative and dark thought patterns through most of my teenage years and twenties. Then, a few years ago when at worst I was diagnosed with depression.  I came off the medications after about 12 months believing that I was “cured” – as I know longer felt too bad and honestly, I DID feel better. I know now that I only felt better because I moved to a new city, began drinking heavier than normal, experimenting with drugs and distancing myself emotionally and physically from my past. Then, after around 15 years of practice, in my late 20’s I had sadly perfected the act of maintaining friendships but nearly completely closing myself to people emotionally.

I never could love my partner the way she deserved to be loved because I didn’t love myself. I didn’t believe that she could love me as I didn’t believe I deserved to be loved.

Rose has helped me in so many ways but the best and probably the most important testimonial I can write about Rose is that she helped me to love myself. I say “she helped me” as her incredibly kind and humble nature insists that I did all the work. In good spirits I have disagree as It’s only with her guidance, and her genuine enthusiasm to help that I have been able to turn my life around. Rose has a disarming nature about her and I immediately felt comfortable in her presence. This was so important for me, as I never felt that she ever had to develop trust in me, I just instinctively knew that this incredible person could help.

Today I am a happy person. For most of my life I could never say that. Meeting and working with Rose has been one of the most fortunate things that have ever happened to me.

Will, Happy Valley

Equipped me with the tools I need going forward

“I would highly recommend Rose who has recently assisted me in relation to some anxiety issues. She provided me with the advice and support I needed and has equipped me with the tools I need going forward to keep my anxiety under control.
Thanks Rose I really appreciate your help”.
Thanks again Rose. X

Stacey, Happy Valley SA

A great teacher and compassionate guide

“I met Rozalia at a difficult time in my life when I was going through a lot of self-esteem issues and suffered a big blow to my confidence and personal self. I was suffering from anxiety, had extremely high stress. I was tired and lost in my direction. Rose at Holistic Life Coaching was a great teacher and compassionate guide, helping me work through my thoughts and emotions.

With a whole range of techniques and breath work sessions, she helped me realise the underlying causes and how to cope with difficult situations in the future. Rose helped me find clarity and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for some direction and help in any aspect of their life.”

“Thank you so much Rose, I am so grateful”

Anna, Burnside, SA

I was feeling depressed, stuck and unmotivated. I feel happy, confident and motivated to move forward in my life.”

I came to Rose when I was feeling depressed, stuck and unmotivated. I completed the one on one, “Breakthrough to Success Program!” The therapies and techniques Rose used allowed me to let go of all past negative emotions. I had a lot of guilt, as I wasn’t able to help my friend who committed suicide. We also worked on eliminating limiting beliefs that were holding me back.

I can now manage my emotions and overcome negative thought patterns. I feel happy, confident and motivated to move forward in my life. Thank you Rose for everything. I really appreciate your help and for all the strategies, tools and techniques you have given me, which I can continue to apply for the rest of my life.

William Greenwith SA

Helped me realise my full potential

“Rose created a warm and friendly environment which made me feel happy and comfortable. I was able to realise my full potential and I have achieved many of my goals. Rose helped me to realise my potential!”

Diana M Modbury, SA

Helped to get rid of harmful emotions

“It’s hard to put what you have done for me Rose, into words! After a tough year, I am so very grateful I was able to meet and work with Rose. She helped me heal things that I never stopped to think might still be affecting me.

In a relaxing and caring manner, Rose used many approaches to help get rid of harmful emotions and change my way of thinking to a positive one. She gave me many useful tools that I will be able to use for the rest of my life.

I highly recommend Rose’s holistic approach to anyone feeling a little lost and seeking guidance. I cannot thank Rose enough for how much she has improved my life”!

April, Gumeracha SA

Less stressed, with a renewed sense of confidence

The many and varied techniques I explored with Rose have yielded tangible healing results in my life.  Overall I feel less stressed and have a renewed sense of confidence in myself, my life and my goals.  Rose’s gentle, insightful manner instantly puts you at ease and she has a battery of practical healing tools ready to apply with simplicity and ease.  Thank you Rose for coming into my life at the right time!

Claire, Adelaide SA

I’ve been medicated since the age of 16 (almost ten years) and have suffered from many mental illnesses. I can honestly say that Rose helped me to change my life. I’ve never felt more content within myself or more grounded.

At my initial session with Rose, we discussed what I wished to change in my life. Her therapies and techniques helped to clear disruptive negative events and emotions from my life. I honestly didn’t know how to take it all – I’ve been medicated since the age of 16 (almost ten years) and have suffered from many mental illnesses. However; I kept an open mind and plunged head first into this holistic and new approach to treating the mind and body….

I can honestly say that Rose helped me to change my life. I’ve even halved the amount of medication I’m on and look forward to being off of prescribed chemical substances completely.

I never expected to find this in somebody, having seen psychologists, psychiatrists and counsellors for years and having very little progress. But Rose looks at things from many angles and works with the mind, body and soul in a number of ways that I hadn’t considered before. More so, she encouraged me with a very gentle and open manner, never forcing the sessions upon me and always guiding me slowly as I wasn’t always sure what I was getting into.

I’ve truly changed, and I can’t really describe it in a simple paragraph. All I know is that I am a much happier person, I’m able to cope with and express my emotions in a healthy way now and I feel capable of so many things. I plan on visiting with her every few months just to touch base and to help keep me on track. She has definitely helped to encourage and guide me towards a happier life. Everybody has noticed a change in me (even my hairdressers!!). I’ve never felt more content within myself or more grounded.

I look forward to sending friends and family members to work with Rose as I truly believe in her training and desire to help people find a happier life.

“Thank you, Rose.”

Elle Adelaide SA

I now know that I can do anything I put my mind to and there are no limitations in life.

Before seeing Rose I felt stuck. I had lost motivation and was feeling constantly tired and weighed down. My emotions were so up and down, it was exhausting and I would often have feelings of sadness with no apparent reason. Now after seeing Rose I feel more motivated to do all of the things that I love. I now know that I can do anything I put my mind to and there are no limitations on life. I have learnt to love and accept myself and I am now following my passions. I also have the confidence that I will achieve my new goals for the future.

Keeley, Victor Harbour Adelaide SA

I completed a 6 week Break Through to Success Program with Rose and highly recommend it to anyone seeking to make positive change in their life.

My most urgent needs were to address suppressed anger and sadness, improve relationships with family members and get help with major life decisions. In the first session Rose asked me for a description of what was going on in my life and then asked me what changes I would like to make. She then outlined the methods she would use: neuro linguistic programming, time line therapy, breath work, counselling and life coaching and explained each in a way that was easy to understand. I attended weekly sessions for 6 weeks and each session lasted about 1.5 hours. I was very committed to the process and wanted to get the most out of it. The results of each session cleared the way for the next. Progress was clear and there was a flow between the sessions. I was very happy with the structure and flow of the overall program. Rose was always well prepared, attentive and respectful. The atmosphere in her consulting room was both professional and relaxed. Driving home from my sessions each week I felt supported and on the right track. The most revealing, helpful and surprising aspect of the process was the session working with the unconscious, to clear emotional blocks. At the time it seemed too simple to be effective however trusting my unconscious and Rose’s experience and training turned out to be the most powerful act in my healing. The 6 week process ended with goal setting and discussing about focusing on what I want as a way forward. It is now such a relief and joy to me that I can focus on what I want rather than be completely distracted by emotions associated with the past. Being able to eliminate the non-essential so I can concentrate on the essential is the fruit of this experience.

Thank you Rose

Best wishes, Abi Clovelly Park SA

Best form of medicine I have encountered for depression and anxiety and Rose is the best person to help. Life is so much better, I am so much happier and I’ve learnt technics that will be with me forever

I have recently been seeing Rozalia Wator, to help me with my high stress and anxiety levels, due to a stressful lifestyle of ongoing work and life pressure. In the past I have pushed myself and achieved, thinking what is all the fuss about when it comes to stress. Friends would often say to me about my life, “how do you cope with all this, aren’t you worried, I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if I did what you do.” Well it eventually caught up with me a few years back. When this happened I was smart enough to do something about it, so I went and saw my first Life Coach (not Rose) and she was very good and helped me get through a very hard time. Recently the wheels started to fall off again particularly in my work life (I work in sales) and I just could not understand why everything was just falling apart and then I really started to struggle mentally with the pressure of working in a sales environment. I had all the usual symptoms; insomnia, could not focus on tasks at hand and was getting scared to do my job. My confidence was so low, I was scared to even make phone calls to clients and then the even scarier thoughts started popping up. This caused me to take action once again so I tried to make contact with my old coach who was no longer around and this led me to Rose.

I am so glad I contacted her as she is absolutely brilliant, she has a wealth of knowledge that I had never seen in this field before, but it took me a couple of sessions to realise this, which is what you need to start using the techniques she showed me and life started getting better almost immediately. But you have to put in the effort. It was so strange, over a period of 2 months my work life got so much better, as I got all my confidence back and it wasn’t all rosy by any means, but guess what, when I had a bad day (due to Rose’s teaching) I just didn’t care so much and learned to take it easy on myself, so I just kept on ploughing on and it is working. Life is so much better, I am so much happier and I’ve learnt technics that will be with me forever, which I love doing. I now make sure that I take time out for a “rest break” for my brain and wellbeing which I do every day. Your body needs regular rest right well so does your brain (it is constantly processing thousands of thoughts and in my case not all good) so this exercise and the other teachings of Rose have been phenomenal for my health.

If you’re a person that is having life struggles and have thoughts of Holistic Healing as “hippy fantasy” think again, I was a bit like that and have found that without a doubt it is the best form of medicine I have encountered for depression and anxiety and Rose is the best person to help.

Thanks for everything Rose you are amazing.

Steve, Paradise SA

 I was confused, lost and unsure of myself and how to understand and manage my anxieties

‘When I first saw Rose I was confused, lost and unsure of myself and how to understand and manage my anxieties. As I continued with her sessions, I was able to connect with myself better and understand what I wanted in life. I began to recognise the decisions I wanted to make and how I want my future to become. Thank you for your support and helpful techniques that I continue to use.’ Kellie, Wyn Vale SA

I was feeling stuck and there was something stopping me from moving forward. Rose helped me unblock and let go of past negative emotions and limiting beliefs which were holding me back

I was feeling stuck and there was something stopping me from moving forward. I completed some webcam sessions with Rose. She helped me unblock and let go of past negative emotions and limiting beliefs which were holding me back. Rose also gave me the tools, strategies and keys to apply in my life. Since having sessions with Rose so many wonderful things have happened. I have gained clarity and I have started a business, my social life / relationships have improved and I am doing what I love.
I feel wonderful, grounded and incredibly grateful.
THANK YOU ROSE !!!!!!!!!!!!

Justine, Perth WA

l felt angry and had repetitive negative thoughts. Rose helped me to heal and let go of past negative emotions. I respond better to situations instead of reacting. I feel more in control of my thoughts

When I came to Rose I felt like something was holding me back and found it difficult to participate in life. I stopped caring for myself and was using marijuana and ate the wrong foods. I felt angry and had repetitive negative thoughts.

I completed a program with Rose. Working together with Rose helped me to heal and let go of past negative emotions. I respond better to situations instead of reacting. I feel more in control of my thoughts as I have developed a high awareness. I have also increased my self – knowledge, self- understanding, self- acceptance and self-love. I highly recommend Rose and her services.
Thank you Rose.

Alexandra, Clapham SA